Hey y’all! I’m really excited to start this blog; I hope you find it to be informative, inspiring, and fun! I’ve decided to take my love for writing, exploring, trying new brews and learning about them, wrap it all up in a nice little package, and send it out there in the world.

As most of us know all too well, our jobs can leave us rather uninspired, stressed, and down right exhausted. Being a young professional, I haven’t been in the working world for very long but I know that the traditional desk job isn’t for me. Unfortunately, bills need to be paid, so I started brainstorming ways I could keep my paycheck and delve into something a little more creative and fun. But what could that something be? Honestly I’m surprised I haven’t started a blog sooner. I’ve been writing journals, poems and short stories since I was a child, it just never occurred to me that I could take my love for writing and use it for anything other than my own personal enjoyment. With that figured out, now it was time to find my place in the vast expanse of the blogging world.

I knew I wanted to write about beer but the blogosphere seemed to be wrought with people telling you how great this beer or that beer is. Don’t get me wrong, that is fantastic, there are loads of people who just want to know what the next great brew is and where to find it (myself included) but I wanted to be different. Being an engineer, my mind is always curious and in need of more knowledge no matter the topic. I loved beer so much but why? What makes it taste so good? Why is this beer dark but that one light? How did people come up with different styles? In simple terms my question was, what makes beer, beer? This is where my creation, Thoughtful Pours, was born. Why not write about my take on all things beer? I could learn everything I wanted to know, try new brews, apply my newfound knowledge to my own homebrews, and share my experiences with fellow beer lovers. Let me tell you, when this idea clicked I couldn’t stop smiling with excitement and inspiration! So, grab a pint and stay tuned. This is going to be a journey you’ll want to follow!!