Over the weekend it was yet again a local brewery’s anniversary party and this was one I’d been looking forward to for a while because it’s one of my favorites. Birdsong Brewing Co. in NoDa is a humble 30-barrel brewery that plays up the neighborhood vibe. They specialize in un-filtered, American style ales and release a new small batch every Thursday afternoon. Fun fact – they name all of their beers after songs, cool right?! Some of those light bulbs are going off, ohhh it’s a theme, there you go!


For their 5 year anniversary party they brought back some favorites from previous years, released four new IPAs and a slew of barrel aged brews. To add to the hype, they had special anniversary glasses with the slogan  “Cheers to 5 Years” amongst little bird song notes for sale and their own Snapchat filter! Side note – they also had a Snapchat filter for their Haunted Brew Tour on Halloween. Basically, they go all out to make sure you have a great experience. With four live bands throughout the day, three food trucks to keep those appetites satisfied, and 22 delicious beers to choose from, this was no doubt a great celebration. Heck, it was 40 degrees and the patio was packed! This just reaffirms my conclusion that Charlotteans love their craft beer and supporting local breweries.


So obviously I took some notes for y’all on the brews I had and let me tell you, the IPAs were killer! First off was Sexy Hop (shown above). A beautiful American IPA that had slightly bitter floral and citrus hop notes with a smooth finish that was so drinkable I had two, even with all of the other beer to try. Next up was Psycho Killer, a double IPA that was pretty mellow on the hops and had sort of a mossy or wood-like taste to it. This was a higher ABV beer at around 9% but fortunately you didn’t get that overly alcoholic taste like you can in say a scotch ale. Due to having awesome friends that love beer too, I was able to sample a couple of others that they had. Communication Breakdown was one of their flagship beers, Higher Ground IPA, brewed with fresh jalapenos. Now don’t get me wrong I love jalapenos, but usually in bread, on a pizza or in a Mexican dish, so I was very against this at first. My friend insisted I try it because she swore it was not what I’d expect – and she was right. The hops mixed very well with the jalapeno and seemed to compliment each other in a way that produced a balanced and slightly sweet (think roasted jalapenos) flavor. Not saying I would actually order this beer, but kudos to Birdsong for actually making this work! Finally, there was 2015 Yoshimi (one of their barrel aged brews) an American Strong Ale that packed such a serious punch it tasted like straight up bourbon. I’m not kidding! This brew had sweet, almost maple syrup like flavors to it that reminded me of Jim Beam Maple (which I surprisingly enjoy) but would put the actual bourbon’s potency to shame. While this crazy strong ale may not have been my thing, there were plenty of people that raved about it!

This party was truly a celebration of amazing beer and a community that has been made over the last five years. Between the live music, the constant buzz of people, Instagram photo frame, Snapchat filter and all of the amazing people who work at Birdsong, it truly made you feel like you were part of the brewery. Passion is a wonderful thing; it fosters friendships like no other and builds communities so strong people actually lift each other up. So celebrate milestones, large and small, and celebrate family, friendship and community. This world needs more happiness — and beer. There’s always room for more beer.