It’s that time of year where everyone gets together to have a few laughs and drinks. One of the ways you can wow your guests (or if you’re bringing something to a party) is by making an amazing appetizer or snack dish. What better way to do that than with delicious recipes that include beer or pair well with beer?! I think my past post on Thanksgiving dishes with beer was a hit, so I’ve put together a few ideas that’ll work for any of your upcoming holiday parties.

We all love beer right, well almost all of us. So why not combine other things we love with beer so even the non-beer lovers won’t know the difference. One word…cheese. Yes, cheese, it’s the feel-good food that makes any day better. Incorporate beer into mac and cheese, make beer cheese and serve with pretzels or put it in a bread bowl, beer & cheddar fondue, beer cheese sauce for nachos, beer cheese soup, beer cheese and salsa dip with biscuit bites, I feel like you could go on for days! Cheese and carbs are two of my favorite food groups (yes, you read that right, and yes I know that is not what we learned in home ec class) but I’m an artful cheese lover. You can’t just throw shredded cheese in something willy-nilly and expect it to be jaw dropping amazing; it doesn’t work that way, or at least I don’t believe it does. However, there are times where you can Emeril Lagasse that cheese on top of a dish just to give it some extra love. I’m okay with that.


If you’re a little heavy on the cheese and looking for some other choices how about slow cooker beer chili, beer battered potato wedges, jalapeno beer bread, spicy beer mustard for dipping your beer pretzels or brats in a blanket in, or even wings with beer sauce.

Depending on your creativity with recipes or desire to make anything outlandish, you could always buy or make simple snacks that pair well with beer. When you get down to it, you can pretty much go crazy with carbs or take any of the suggestions above minus the beer part. You could also lean towards dishes that are a little less filling such as bruschetta, smoked salmon bites with radish discs and Greek yogurt, different kinds of pickles, steamed spicy shrimp, sushi, or even grilled/steamed clams. Since a lot of the previous mentioned suggestions have seafood in them, I advise drinking pilsners, wheat beers, or lagers, as they will pair the best.


Either way you decide to go, everyone is in for a treat! While my love for food (especially cheese) is just about on par with my love for beer, this is one area where they just simply make each other better.