Hey y’all!! I know it’s been a little while, I’ve been working a lot lately and my writing has been slipping so I apologize, but we’re all human, eh? Anywho, onto today’s topic of summer beers! At the end of last year I wrote a post about beer trends for this year and I’d like to dig a little deeper and let you know what you can expect to see from breweries across the country this summer!

One of the trends I mentioned in that post was juicy, smooth session IPAs. These are filled with fruits and tropical flavors that will be less hoppy than what has been prominent in the IPA scene. Session IPAs have become more popular lately and with good reason. They’re super drinkable with low ABVs and usually have a nice tropical hop flavor to them. Very easy for the “I’m not so sure I like all those hops but I kind of want an IPA” drinker. These fruity and slightly hoppy IPAs pair extremely well with fresh tacos and tostadas. A juicy, grilled steak with a spicy rub is another match made in heave as are Indian curry dishes. However, the mild bitterness and sweetness in fruity session IPAs compliment spicy and sweet flavors in just about any dish you can think of.

The Berliner Weisse is a very low ABV, tart beer originally from Berlin, Germany (bet you guessed that one) it is cloudy and light to almost white in color. It brews very well with additions of berry fruits like cherries, raspberries and blackberries which will give the beer some beautiful color! Long ago, it was referred to by Napoleon’s soldiers as the “Champagne of the North” as it is very dry with an acidic, sour bite to it. This style has been lost a bit to the ages but has been making a comeback recently. With more brewers experimenting with sour flavors and more adventurous people asking for it I can only assume that it will be a big hit this summer. So get out on the patio, grill up a juicy burger with a tomato cucumber salad, and kick back with one of these tart treats!

Speaking of sour beers, the Gose is also making its way into the hearts of beer connoisseurs. Similar to the Berliner Weisse, this moderate ABV, German wheat beer has a sour, dry, and acidic flavor profile. Salt and coriander are added to the mix to give it a lemony, sharp characteristic with no real flavors popping out unless fruit or syrups are added to tone down the acidity. This style is perfect for pairing with just about any food but I like to think that it would be especially tasty with mild seafood or smoked meats and fresh arugula salads!

The Kolsch is another clean style originating in Germany that is similar to a pilsner. It has a moderate ABV with low maltiness and a crisp, dry finish. I would recommend pairing this beer with some snappy bratwursts, nutty cheeses (beer cheese anyone?) or even some smoked BBQ ribs. Since this beer is clean and crisp with a full body, you’ll want to go rich and spicy (not hot spicy, just the use of spices) in food flavors. The fruity esters in a Kolsch compliment spice and herbs very well. Just don’t go crazy with hot spices, or it won’t be a friendly pairing.

Cold brew coffee beers are a newcomer to the scene ever since craft coffee has taken hold of the market. Their cold brews are a perfect addition into lagers and full-body ales. The bold flavors from the dark coffee compliment the hop bitterness to create this beautiful bouquet of richness that is surprisingly refreshing. The coffee aroma alone is enough to wake your tastebuds right up and you get the roasty characteristics from both the coffee and the malt! I say this is a summer beer because it’s like drinking straight up cold brew coffee, just with the added benefits of beer of course. It quenches your thirst when you’re outside baking in the sun. This is the perfect type of beer to pair with brunch, doughnuts or even mild pork dinners. I would even go to say that you could use one of these as a marinade for roasted pork, I think it would turn out quite delicious!

Personally, I’ve had all of these but the Berliner Weisse and I’m eagerly awaiting one to come out locally that I want to try. All of these are perfectly crisp and bold beers that I’m sure will find their way to everyone’s coolers, patios and boats this summer. Do y’all have any other beers that you think are going to be big this summer? What is your favorite beer to relax and beat the heat with? Comment and let me know!!