While I’m still trying to wrap my head around that fact that any time a “gifts to get a beer lover” article comes up they always say “he’ll love these!” *sigh* I’ve got some great ideas for ANY beer lover out there. Male, female, t-rex, you name it they’ll love it! I’ve taken the liberty of weeding out any stereotypical beer gifts like socks, hats, beer cooler slings, beer helmets, you get the picture.


This is one of the coolest things I have seen so far!

If you would love to drink beer from a tap but can’t afford a kegerator or an in-home bar draft system then this may be the next best thing. Fizzics is a portable beer pouring system that will carb up any beer (can, growler, bottle, depending on the version you purchase) so it tastes as if it came straight from the keg at your local watering hole.

99 bottles beer

This poster, playing homage to the terrible road trip song 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

This is a scratch-off beer chart with you guessed it, 99 different varieties. Any time you try a style of beer, you scratch it off to reveal the gold color and label underneath. So if your beer lover is looking to expand their palate and try 99 different styles of beer and loves cool art on the walls, then this is for them! Buy it here and check out the artists’ other drink inspired art in their Etsy shop.


ceramic growler

If your beer lover is prone to trying different small batch beers at a brewery, they might have a glass growler they purchased from said brewery to take the beer home. Why not take it up a notch, in functionality and class, and get them an old school white, ceramic growler complete with a wide mouth flip top?! Due to it’s ability to keep out all light, it keeps your beer fresh, longer than a regular glass growler does. Plus this is a really cool decorative piece to display when you’re not using it. It comes in 32 and 64 ounce options.


stanley growler


That being said, if your beer lover likes to take their beer on the go with them in all types of outdoorsy situations, then a heavy duty growler may be the way to go. Stanley makes this classic style stainless steel interior and tough plastic exterior 64 ounce growler that’s perfect for rugged situations. Want a more complete gift option? Get them the gift set that includes the growler and 4 stainless steel stackable cups for a one way ticket to relaxation.


Does your beer lover love to read? I know I do!

If so, then The Oxford Companion to Beer may be perfect for them. It’s basically a beer encyclopedia that requires just a little bit of previous beer knowledge and gives the reader a concisely written record for lots and lots of beer! It’s a fun way to read about the beer style you’re currently drinking and understand it better. oxford beer

If you have a home brewer on your hands who would like to dabble in creating their own recipes, then getting them a beer recipe building software may be what they need. BeerSmith is exactly that, it helps you build recipes in minutes rather than doing long drawn out calculations. You plug in what ingredients you want to use, the size of the batch you want to make and it spits out how much of each ingredient you need to yield the results, as well as the recipe. There are even pre-made recipes from other brewers you can use as a blueprint, podcasts, blog posts and tutorials on their website. From personal experience, this software is sooo cool!

Going along the lines of a home brewer, depending on how long they have been doing this for, they may be in need of some upgrades. Sit down and talk with them about their equipment. Ask them how they like using it, if they wished they had different pieces, a bigger size, or if there’s a gadget they wish they had. Sites like Northern Brewer and MoreBeer provide home brewing supplies you can purchase and have shipped to your home. Not sure what to pick? Get them a gift card and let them go crazy!

I can’t write out this list without providing glassware ideas. First off we have soblown glassesme amazing mouth blown glasses from artist Matthew Cummings. One is for darker, malty beer and the other for higher alcohol content beer. Read about both styles on this page and pick the right one, or both, for your beer lover! Next up is a set of 3 Spiegelau craft beer glasses, one for IPAs, one for stouts and porters and one for wheat beers. FYI –3 beer glass set these glasses are thinner and very beautiful, so gentle use is required. Finally, for those who may like to take it back to older times, thbeer mugis ceramic mug was designed specifically for drinking beer. It holds a pint’s worth, and is perfect for anyone who wants to sip in style! Fair warning, these are hand-made to order and require 6-8 weeks to ship, so order now.

Last but not least, these vintage prints are a really cool way to add decor to a bar area or just around the house. They are blueprints of the brewing process and printed on what looks like old parchment paper. Don’t worry, it’s 100 year archival paper, so you’re good! The frames for the set of four prints are NOT included, but the prints are cheap enough to where you can splurge on some cool frames to pair them with. brewing prints

So there you have it, my list of some pretty cool, useful, decorative, unisex gifts. Beer lovers aren’t inclusive to men, so neither should the options for gifts be! We love you guys, but us beer loving gals need some swag too. Thanks for reading, comment and let me know what you plan on getting your beer lover this holiday season!