Happy by Nature

Holistic guidance for your conscious evolution.

Happy by Nature has many meanings, depending on who you ask. For me, it’s a multi-dimensional meaning of finding happiness through connecting to nature, utilizing a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on natural nourishment to feel good, and cultivating a lifestyle where I am a happy person by nature, aka it’s just naturally how I am. My work as a holistic health coach focuses on providing guidance, unique to you, to help you along on your conscious evolution. By this I mean shifting from a victim mindset into an empowered mindset and becoming aware of the power you have to change the way you perceive and act in each moment of your life. I work with you to create sustainable lifestyle habits that help you transform your life in all areas – mind, body & soul – so that you can be happy by nature.

Some of the guidance I provide consists of:

It can be confusing if you’re experiencing general dis-ease in your body but feel like you’re a fairly healthy person. It can also be overwhelming to navigate your current life and at the same time build the life you desire. You may have already started making changes on your own but you haven’t been able to stay consistent, or feel that things aren’t quite working and you’re wondering why. Or maybe you’d like to start living a happier, healthier life but are not sure how or where to begin. In any case, as a health coach I can help you figure out what isn’t working, what does work, and what could work to help you break free from confusion and find clarity. I am a friend, a confidant, a guide, and a supporter, working with you to figure out what works for you.

Holistic health coaches do not diagnose, treat, prescribe or offer specific diet or exercise plans. We hold space for clients to explore different areas in their life, help them figure out what will work for them based on their own intuition, and then support and empower them to achieve the sustainable transformation they desire. We will be able to help you if you are motivated to make shifts in your life but unsure where/how to dive in. We won’t be able to help you if you don’t want to help yourself or are looking for specific instructions/plans and nothing else. Your transformation is based on you and you alone. You are the driver and the shot caller. We listen, ask thought provoking questions, raise awareness, inspire and empower. We facilitate and create opportunities for intuitive healing, but you are your own healer. Believe in that, and you will transform your life with the help of a holistic heath coach.

I am your guide, but the journey is up to you.

My guidance is rooted in my own life experiences; having overcome things like emotional eating, gut imbalances, anxiety, general unhappiness, and feeling lost and frustrated. To expand upon my knowledge base and become certified, I am currently a Holistic Health Coach in training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and will graduate in June of this year. I have also become a certified Reiki Practitioner (Aug 2020), which is the art of energy healing. Some of the tools I utilize in my health coaching are meditation, journal prompts, personality and archetype indicators, embodiment practices, narrative shift, and self-guided learning.

What you get when working with me as your Holistic Health Coach:

The benefits of working with me as your Holistic Health Coach:

Who is my program for? Not for?

It’s time to shift your perspective and be the leader of your life. It’s time to say YES to yourself, to your health and to feeling GOOD. Together, let’s transform your life!

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