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My name is Sarahbeth Graulich. I am a lifestyle designer, holistic health coach and certified Reiki Level I & II practitioner. I’m a plant (& dog) mama and a wannabe horticulturalist spreading love and biophilic vibes! I’m here to help guide you through your unique transformation.

Are you receiving the call to work with someone in your ever-unfolding evolution? Check out my services and offerings below to see if it aligns with you.

Happy by Nature

This is my transformation container for lifestyle and health coaching. My coaching is focused on serving women who are starting to question everything, becoming more conscious of their impact and have a desire to be a change-maker and leader. You’ve got big dreams and an even bigger heart but when you’re starting to question everything, it can feel overwhelming and confusing. I help you cultivate connection, explore nourishment, find clarity in your path forward and learn to celebrate life. So, if you’d like to take the next steps to design a life you love living, then click the link above to learn more and sign up for a free Discovery Call!

Distant Reiki Sessions

Reiki is the art of energy healing, it helps promote physical and emotional harmony and relaxation. I have 35 min and 50 min sessions with add-on options like card pulls and integrative journaling guidance. All sessions are held virtually over video chat. Click the link above to learn more.

A Slice of Sarahbeth

This space houses my brand coaching and freelance content creation. I utilize the same holistic, big-picture approach when I am coaching brands as I do when I am coaching clients. If you’re looking to create a brand experience based on value and personal connection then click the link above to check out my work!

“[Sarahbeth] is a wonderful coach that is most definitely doing what she was born to do. To uplift, help, encourage, teach, and even heal.”

Emma (coaching client)

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