Distant Reiki Sessions

Reiki is the art of energy healing, it promotes physical and emotional harmony and relaxation.

In August of 2020, I received my Reiki Level I & II certifications through my master teacher, Hae Lee. I am a part of the William Lee Rand Usui Reiki Master Lineage and I am acknowledged by the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing (Usui Shiki Ryoho). As a teacher, guide and healer, I am dedicated to bringing freedom, expansion and connection into this world through a holistic lifestyle approach. I create and facilitate opportunities that allow for healing and growth. Reiki is one of the modalities that I utilize to do this.

Some of what I do as a Reiki healer:

All of my sessions are done virtually over video chat. You may be skeptical that this kind of healing (not being in the same room) works, I was until I felt the power of this healing modality from my teacher states away, so let me explain. Reiki is energy and we are all made up of energy. The energy that we are made of is part of a greater whole (universal life force energy) that expands over the entire universe, and we are all connected to each other by way of this energy, this is called the Hermetic Law of Similarity. If you need a visual, think of a strand of holiday lights – each individual bulb (person, energetic being) is connected by way of a strand of wire (universal life force energy). During a distant reiki session, I am trained to invoke this law with the use of a sacred symbol which allows me to connect to you, or you in any point in time, and therefore send reiki energy across space and time. This is why you do not need to be in person to benefit from the healing effects.

I also offer a $10 off discount to all new clients as a thank you for placing your trust in me as well as a chance for you to experience the value of this healing modality at a lower opt-in cost. *see details below

For your session you will need a stable internet connection, a laptop or phone with video/audio capabilities, a journal and pen for reflection, plenty of water, and a quiet space where you will not be interrupted for the entirety of our time together. Each session includes time before and after the energy portion for questions & discussion so if there’s anything you’d like to bring up you are able to do so. They also include guided breathwork and a short guided visualization meditation for increased relaxation. I also offer add-on options if you’d like to deepen your experience.

The benefits of distant reiki:

Choose what works for you:

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Want to do a test drive and get a glimpse of what a session with me can feel like? Every Wednesday on Instagram I go Live at 12:30 pm EST to pull an oracle card for the collective and provide a short distant reiki session where I send reiki based on the card pulled that day. Click here to check out my IG page and catch any past replays!