Brand Coaching

My name is Sarahbeth and I am a lifestyle designer and freelance brand coach. I have an affinity for ideating, educating and creating.

For individuals I am a lifestyle designer, for businesses that translates to a brand coach (consultant). In short, I help people design a life they love living, and I help businesses design a brand experience that people love sharing.

As a multi-passionate creative, freelancer and entrepreneur, I am a one-stop shop for all things creative. Branding, writing, editing, social media marketing, website content and more. I can work as a brand coach and/or a content creator and can be hired hourly, by piece/project, or on retainer if you’re looking for long-term coaching. I am also a naturally investigative person, so I do my homework when it comes to working with businesses outside of my areas of expertise.

As a brand coach I specialize in experiential branding and marketing. Together we view your brand from the mind of the consumer to figure out what it is they are seeing and feeling when connecting with it. Taking your product or services into account, we figure out your main goal or “why” when it comes to what you want to provide. From there, we focus on creating a thought provoking experience with each touch point of your brand/business so that anything a reader comes into contact with fosters a relationship based on value and trust. They are able to experience your brand in a way that makes them feel, and feel understood. It’s all about clarity and personal connection, which creates brand loyalty. The world of consumers is changing, people don’t want to buy from anyone anymore, they want to buy from a brand/business they truly know.

As a content creator & copywriter I can create the content you need to support the experience, product and/or service you are providing.

I have 6+ years of experience in copywriting, content creation, social media marketing, website/blog management, and relationship building, as well as administrative prowess. This experience involves ideation, strategy, planning, execution and refinement. I have 1+ years of experience working in Canva to create graphics for an entire brand identity, ie. websites, landing pages, emails, logos, business cards, social media posts and more.

I have 1+ years of experience creating, running and marketing my lifestyle design brand. More specifically this work involves social media value sharing & marketing, building a website on WordPress and creating content for it, email list building, landing pages and targeted ads. I coach clients through all aspects of their life, knowing that everything is connected. I have been trained to utilize a holistic approach, and will coach brands and businesses in this same manor.

My best work is done when I am involved in topics, areas, and causes I am passionate about. I am here to make the world a better place – to connect, inspire, empower and educate – so I prefer to work with clients who have similar goals and values. Some of these areas I am passionate about and have experience in include health & wellness, spirituality, nature/the environment, regenerative agriculture, home design (interior & exterior), equity & inclusivity, and financial liberation. This is not an exhaustive list, as I said, I am a multi-passionate creative!

I’d love to learn more about you, your brand and/or business and what your goals are so I can help you grow! Please take a look at some samples of the work I have done below and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in working together.