Unblocking Your Dream Life

  1. How do I want to make others feel?

  2. What do I love to do?

  3. What do I think I want to do?

  4. How do I want to feel?

  5. What does a day in my dream life look like?

    • Where do I live? What do I wear? Who do I spend my time with? Get down to the details!
  6. How does this vision make me feel?

  7. What is blocking me from starting this dream life?

    • These can be things like overthinking, not trusting myself or the Universe, surrendering the how, etc.
  8. What action steps can I take to break through these blocks?

    • Maybe it’s listening to your intuition, meditating more or dancing it out.
    • Pick 3 of these, do them for 2 weeks and watch as the magic unfolds!


Accompanying Mantra: I release my limiting beliefs and allow the Universe to guide me towards my dream life.

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