YOU Have the Power to Choose

That’s right, YOU! We don’t always feel like we have the power to choose what happens in our lives, but we DO have the power to choose how we react to it all. As someone who has always felt every emotion so deeply, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, as if you will be living in this emotion forever. If we can remind ourselves that we are not our emotions, we are just experiencing them, we can release the attachment to them and simply observe with acceptance.

Repeat after me –

“I am allowed to feel all of my emotions, but I am not defined by them. I have the power to choose my reaction to them.”

Use this as an affirmation when you feel strong emotions coming on. Pause, close your eyes, repeat this phrase while you take a few deep breaths and release the emotion sending it back into the light. Or, pretend the emotion is a cloud, just passing by, as it fades out of your peripheral view. Remember, everything, including emotions, are impermanent. They will pass and you will come out stronger and more at peace on the other side.


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