YOU Define Your Worth

Generally we have the tendency to attach our worth to others’ opinions of us, our perfectionist tendencies or what we do.

I am here to tell you that no one else, nothing else, defines your worth but YOU!

As someone who had (and still is overcoming) perfectionist tendencies I felt like I wasn’t worthy unless I did my work, or general life things/tasks perfectly. I also grew up looking for praise from others. I felt that if I was getting the praise and affirmation from peers and those I looked up to, then I was on the path to success and living my best life. In the beginning of my mindfulness journey, I found myself saying things like “I am worthy of praise and affirmation” but meaning it in an exterior sense, as in from others. Yes, I am worthy of both of those things, and so are you, but it has to come from inside yourself. Internal praise and affirmations can sound like the following.

I am whole. I am enough. I decide for myself that I am worthy. I create many beautiful things. I am doing a great job at work. I lead my life through love. 

You never lose your worthiness, it is your birth right, but striving to align with our highest self is a key part in this. You are worthy of everything you desire, including love, abundance, health and joy.

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