Being Open to Anything!

“I am open to all possibilities.”

This is a mantra I tell myself daily, it leaves room for anything to happen. When we are open to all possibilities we tell the Universe, “Yes, I am ready for magic, joy, serendipity and love to fill my life. I am ready to learn whatever lesson is thrown my way because I know it is for my higher self and of the highest good.” It’s also a great way to help shift your perspective and release expectations. If you’re open to anything your ego can’t hold your expectations over your head, or remind you that the things you’re doing or manifesting “don’t look exactly like you thought they would.” 

My life changed when I finally realized the power in this mantra. It’s true, what we tell ourselves on the inside becomes our reality. Our external world is a reflection of our internal world. If we tell ourselves that we are open to whatever comes our way, no matter what it is and with no expectations, we are always equipped to learn, grow and expand. Besides, we are infinitely cared for in every situation and season of our life so we can say this mantra with courage and full awareness that whatever comes our way, we will be just fine. 

Let’s Think…

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen in YOUR life if you were open to not only new things but all things? Right now I want you to think of one thing you’ve been hesitant about. This could be starting a new workout routine, asking someone on a date, investing your money in a learning course or quitting your job to pursue your dreams. Just pick one, if it helps, start out small. Now, setting all negativity aside and ignoring any obstacles you think could hinder your journey, think of the best thing that could happen if you were open to this experience/possibility and went for it. Do you feel lighter or does this thought weigh you down? Are you exploding with joy at the thought of doing it or feeling some anxiety and trepidation? Remember, it’s good to be a little scared. If your dreams or new experiences don’t light you up inside with excitement (which can also feel like anxiousness) then they’ll be too easy for you and you may end up caught in your comfort zone.

Now, this does not mean you have to like everything, but experiencing it just once allows you to come away more knowledgeable. Maybe you realized that you really love kick boxing and feel stronger than ever, or maybe turning your side hustle into your dream career was the best think you could have done for your family. On the other hand, maybe you realized that zip lining is not your idea of a fun time or that the person who passed you up on a date was only paving the way for you to find self love. Learning is the game of life, my friends, and it’s one big journey. So, release those expectations, shift into gratitude, and view your experiences from a different perspective.

Allow the magic of openness to fill your life with joy and serendipity.

Love & Light,


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