Embracing Joy

  1. What frequency do I currently emit to the world? What frequency do I want to emit to the world?

  2. If there is a disconnect, how can I shift my frequency to that which I desire?

  3. What currently brings me joy?

    • These can be things like a cup of coffee, your dog or children, listening to the birds, money in my bank account, etc. there are no limits!
  4. How can I make more space in my life for these things?

  5. Am I open to finding the joy already in my life? Why or why not?

    • Look deeper into question 3. Are there joyful things in your life you take for granted or overlook because they are routine or unassuming?
  6. How can I create more moments of joy?

  7. Do I feel it’s safe to live my life in a joyful state or is something blocking me from this? If so, what is it?

    • For instance, maybe there’s been a lot of suffering in your life so you feel as though you won’t experience joy often, etc.
  8. How can I release these blocks to fully embrace joy in all parts of my life?


Accompanying Mantra: Joy is my natural state of being and it is safe for me to live my life this way. 

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