How to Shift into an Abundance Mindset

My whole life changed the day it clicked for me that my words create my world. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I started applying this principle to money. You see, I was telling myself all the wrong stories about money yet still praying for more. My money frequency was so low that I didn’t even love money or feel like I could be wealthy, I just saw myself in a state of continual lack. By rewriting my money stories and rewiring the way I feel and think about money, I’ve been able to uplevel my frequency and live in a state of abundance. Let’s figure out where you currently stand so you can shift into an abundance mindset and start living your wealthy life.

What is Your Current Money Story?

Do you constantly think about money in a negative way or have movies playing on replay in your head of the debt you have? Is talking about money taboo for you? Does it feel weird to say “I love money!” because you’ve been told that “money doesn’t buy you happiness”? Or maybe you’re ahead of the game and actually feel like money is a good thing, a tool perhaps, but you feel like there’s never enough to go around. Think carefully about your words and thoughts around money and then write them down. Now, I want you to write opposing statements that rewire the way you will think about money and stop operating from a lack mentality. For example if you said “I never have enough money” flip it to “money is always flowing to me.” Because truthfully, it is. You just may not see it yet because you’re limited by your old story. String all of these together to form your new story around money and repeat these phrases every time you think about paying a bill, buying groceries, or investing in something for you or your home, or whatever the situation may be.

Now that you have clarity on what you have been telling yourself and what your new story is, let’s erase all of the negativity around the word wealthy.

Not Your Mom’s Definition of Wealthy

We’ve pretty much all had one person in our family that says something to the effect of “Wealthy people are arrogant, selfish and mean.” I’m here to tell you that THIS IS NOT TRUE! Only a very small portion of wealthy people fit inside this box, most are kind and generous. So, let’s get that story out of our head because that in itself is limiting you from receiving abundance and becoming a wealthy person yourself. While we’re at it, let’s redefine what wealthy means. This isn’t necessarily someone who has a lot of money. You can be wealthy in many ways – spiritually, physically as in healthy, in the kinds of relationships you have in your life, in the knowledge you have and even in the things you create to share with the world – money is just one kind of wealth.

You see, being wealthy is much more than what most people view it as. Now that we have created this new definition, we can start shifting our words to match it.

Replace Low Vibe Words with High Vibe Words

Similar to the exercise I had you do in rewriting your money story, now we are going to simplify this and change up some words you use in everyday life. Write these words down so you’ll have easy access to them when you feel yourself getting into a low money vibe. It doesn’t mean the words on the left are bad, we are just finding different words to say that have a lighter energy to them.

Low High Vibe Words

I want you to take these shifts to heart and really focus on changing the words you say about money and the energy you give them. Once you start rewiring this part of your subconscious you can more easily see the abundance already present in your life.

Be Grateful for What you Already Have

None of the work you are doing to increase your abundance will matter if you’re constantly reaching for more yet never taking the time to be grateful for the abundance already in your life. Think of the investments and resources you are already able to send money towards to make your life better. Car insurance, your apartment rent or house mortgage, a gym membership, an online class, food, clothes, your morning coffee, etc. I want you to get out your pen and paper again and take inventory of everything you currently send money towards. I bet that you actually have a very long list in front of you. Just think, you already have enough money to invest in all of these things! Let that sink in so the next time you say “I don’t have enough money” you can remind yourself of everything you already have.

This also means being a better caretaker of the money you already have. Take a look at all of your expenses. Are there old memberships or fees you’ve forgotten about that you don’t really need to be investing in? When I did this, I was able to save myself about $50 a month! Treat your money with respect and invest wisely. If you’re just throwing it around at anything your lack of responsibility and care will hurt you in the end.

The next step in shifting into true abundance is visualizing, living and breathing it.

Call in Wealth and Abundance

There are many ways that you can call in the wealth and abundance you desire.

1) Visualize the wealth and abundance you want to call in

This means sitting with your eyes closed and visualizing everything you want to invest in. Maybe it’s a new car, a beautiful home, a new job, more friends, better health, or more courage. You get to decide what it looks like and then visualize it as if you already have it. Get excited, dream big and don’t limit yourself!

2) Pray

This doesn’t have to be praying in the traditional religious sense. God/Universe is whatever it means to you. Ask for the abundance that you desire. Be very specific about what you want so the money knows where to flow to, and then release your grip on your desire so you can receive it freely.

3) Write it down/create a vision board

Take your visualizations to the next level by writing about them in your journal or creating a vision board. This can be a physical poster board or a Pinterest board, but the point is to have something to look at so you are inspired to keep calling in your money dreams!

4) Lakshmi Chant

Lakshmi is the Goddess of prosperity, wealth and abundance of every kind. Chant to her every day for at least 40 days and make sure you know what you are calling on her for. It could be for a specific raise in your income, an ever flowing faucet of creativity for your business, or even a deeper spiritual connection to self. Her chant is “Om Shreem Maha Lakshimyea Swaha” (not the correct spelling but used to show you pronunciation). This chant means “Om and salutations to she who manifests every kind of abundance.” I did this chant for 108 days and fully shifted my thoughts around the abundance I am able to call in to my life.

Giving is the Way to Receiving

Once you have applied all of the above in your own life, the last step to truly shifting into an abundance mindset is by sharing our wealth with others. When we give to others it lets the Universe know that we are not selfish, that we are willing to help others and ultimately do not operate in a lack mentality. Give unconditionally what you can, where you can. Truly wealthy people do not have a firm grip on their money because they know at some point they will receive it back, multiplied. Release to receive, my friends. This kind of wealth is not only financial but emotional, spiritual and gratifying.

To sum it all up here is how you can shift into and abundance mindset and start living your wealthy life:


Abundance Mindset Shift

Accompanying mantra: Money is always flowing to me. I am grateful for the money I have and for the money that is always on its way to me. It is safe for me to be wealthy and I share my wealth with others.

Love & Light,


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