Uncovering Your Simple Pleasures in Life

Sometimes we get so focused on work, family, routines, appointments and the likes that we forget about the little things that bring us joy. Our simple pleasures. Pretty soon we feel bogged down by everything we have going on that we can’t seem to find a moment in our life we truly enjoy. It’s not your fault though, because society has taught us that pushing harder and striving for more, doing more, is the way to achieve a “higher” or better standard of life. NOT TRUE! You can put in work but also learn to sit back, enjoy life, and allow yourself to receive from the Universe. You can find little things that bring you joy and satisfaction to sprinkle here and there. Things that make you feel all warm and lit up inside. Things that help you receive more abundance and blessings because you are already in an expansive state of joy and flow. Simple pleasures are like spiritual lubricant, they enhance your human experience in this life. Definitely no pun intended but hey, puns are one of my simple pleasures, hah!

We can utilize journal prompts and inner work to uncover these simple pleasures. I say “uncovering” and not “discovering” because we already know what some of these little things are, we just need to brush off the dust and dig a bit. There is always, however, more room to discover new pleasures so please don’t feel like what you come up with is a finite list. Your desires and likes change over time, so naturally what brings you joy will as well. My point for this exercise is to show you that you already know what brings you joy, right now, even if you don’t feel like you do. The answers are always inside you, so let’s work some magic and uncover your simple pleasures!

1. Go to a place in your mind that makes you feel happy and content, it can be real or imaginary. Why does this place bring you joy?

2. Now, think about the activities or things you may want to do there, what are they? this can be anything from kayaking on a lake, talking to a friend, sipping coffee on a beach, anything goes and be specific!

3. Based on your answers from #2, why do you want to do those things? What about them brings you joy?

4. If you could do anything, without fear or boundaries, what would it be? hang glide, write a book, paint, bake a cake, whatever you want!

5. What brings you joy right now? What lights you up or makes you smile? list anything that comes to mind, it can be as simple as having tea & reading a book before bed or talking to your parents

6. Are there any common themes or things between your answers to #2, #4 and #5? these can be where you find your most true form of joy

7. What actions can you take to incorporate any of these in your daily life, any form of these things, or more of these things if you’re already incorporating some? even if it’s a small step towards the end goal

Accompanying Affirmation: I am always able to cultivate more joy in my life.

I’ve made a short list of some of my simple pleasures if you feel stuck and are not sure what yours may be. Just know that your simple pleasures can be anything, there are no rules or limits.

— meditation, morning coffee, buying new books to read, reading with the window open, sitting outside at my house, walking my dog Mack, listening to music that fits my mood, dancing around my living room, really corny puns, taking a sunset drive, drinking Guinness and eating sushi (not together, haha) with my boo & hand lettering among many others. ❤

Being success-minded kept me from experiencing joy through simple pleasures in my life, until I realized one simple thing. Curious to learn what that one thing is so you can cultivate more joy, too?

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