Cultivate and Embrace Your Power Through Stillness

Embracing your power, or your unique energy/authenticity, is one of the many things your soul came here to do. It enables you to learn more, connect with yourself, experience more joy and abundance, and live courageously. You are the architect, the author, the alchemist of your life. Cultivating and embracing your power is one of the first steps to living your dream life.

We can do this through stillness and inner listening. This can be difficult if you’re used to distracting yourself with external stimuli such as phones, television, other people, books and such. When you become reliant on these things for the entirety of your knowledge and truth you deny yourself the beauty of inner knowing, intuition and wisdom. All of the answers you seek are inside yourself, waiting to be uncovered. Learn to take time for yourself, to be still, to listen in and quiet your mind (ego). When we rely on ourselves for strength, wisdom, clarity, and love (among other things) anything is possible!

Stillness also breeds inner peace, creativity, and the ability to immerse yourself in the present moment. In short, stillness gives you the space to cultivate (aka develop) your power. Notice I didn’t say create, we are not creating this power because it already exists inside you. It has since before you were born when your soul was on its past journeys. We are harnessing, developing and embracing it. Remind yourself that you don’t always have to be moving, doing and striving for the next big thing. You can be still and still be powerful, stillness does not mean stagnant. Some of the most powerful people (I say this in the context of the way they have embraced their own power, not in the societal definition of power) are those that practice meditation, stillness, inner listening and move through their life from those places. They have the ability to step back, remain equanimous and stand firm in their truth with unshakeable authenticity. They know they are powerful, strong and capable, and so they are.

There are a few things you can do to learn how to cultivate and embrace your inner power utilizing the above mentioned methods.

Meditation. Allowing yourself to sit still, quiet external stimuli and your own racing mind to simply be and breathe creates a space for deep inner wisdom to surface. It also allows for streamlined clarity and soul messages to seemingly come through out of no where. This is because you are sending signals to your body that you are safe, so it relaxes and goes into rest, digest and restore mode. From this bodily and mental state of relaxation, your soul has a chance to shine by sending messages to you from deep within your subconscious. By connecting to your soul, your inner power radiates through all parts of your life and you give yourself permission to be your authentic self.

Creating. This may not feel like stillness in the technical sense but when you are creating something you are immersing yourself in the present moment. Generally, you are only focused on what is in front of you and have little head space for anything else. In focusing on what you are creating, you are allowing your mind to be still and letting inner wisdom and authentic energy come through. When you do this, you know exactly what you want to do each step of the creation process, it feels natural. This is because you are creating from within, you are listening to yourself and trusting that what comes up is authentically you. This is the definition of embracing your power.

Nature Therapy. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this is one of my favorite practices because it allows you to connect with yourself through nature. Nature is magical, healing, inspiring, and grounding. Taking time to sit or take a walk outside works wonders for your mind, body and soul. Mother Earth is always supporting and providing for us in many ways. Physically with food, mentally with its never ending stream of new discoveries, and emotionally with its pure beauty and connectedness. In truth, all things are connected energetically which is why most people feel calm, grounded and “at home” in nature. By connecting with nature we are, in essence, connecting with ourselves. It provides a safe space for us to recognize our inner power, feel into it, and cultivate it. Letting it bloom like wildflowers.

We all have the time and ability to go inward, listen and practice stillness. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day – go for a walk, sit outside, meditate, close your eyes and just breathe, create something…anything. By trusting your intuition and listening to your soul, you create space to cultivate and truly embrace your power, your energy, your life force, your authentic self.

Accompanying Affirmation: I am powerful, I am strong, and I am capable when I quiet my mind and listen to my soul.

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