Cultivating Your Inner Listening

When you quiet your mind and cultivate your inner listening skills, your soul has a chance to speak. In doing so, you realize that infinite possibilities are available to you! However, by becoming reliant on external stimuli, news, opinions and thoughts for the entirety of your knowledge and truth, you deny yourself the beauty of inner knowing, intuition and wisdom. All of the answers you seek are inside yourself, waiting to be uncovered. It is through stillness and inner listening that they become clear.

Before you begin, I want you to do short guided meditation that helps you go inward, quiet your mind, and connect with your soul. This is where the magic and clarity happens.

Sit in a quiet place, it could be in your chair, on a cushion or on the floor, whatever works for you. Take some deep breaths and ground yourself in your own energy. Now, press play on the recording, close your eyes and begin.

Meditation for going inward and connecting to your soul: 

1. Did you find it hard to quiet your mind? Why or why not? there is no wrong answer here, simply observation and exploration

2. Did anything come up for you during the meditation? thoughts, emotions, mindsets, memories, etc.

3. What helped you release anything that came up to get back into the present moment? did you picture the thought floating away, did you say something that helped you release it, etc.

4. Was there anything that was harder to release than others? What was it? this could be a sign that it’s something your soul wants you to work through

8. What action can you take right now (based on the above) to work through this thought, emotion, mindset, memory and bring you into more alignment with your soul & higher self?

5. Did you experience any type of clarity during the meditation? maybe you understood something about a current experience in your life, maybe you finally figured out how to do something or what to do

6. How does this clarity through stillness make you feel? maybe empowered? at peace? guided?

7. What can you do in your daily life to cultivate stillness, your inner listening, and connect to your wisdom within?

Accompanying Affirmation: I can hear my soul speak when I quiet my mind.

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