Energy Work – Vibrational Matching

Do you match your energy to your thoughts, actions and words? If not, there’s a good chance your actions and words will fall flat. You can tell when someone doesn’t mean something they’re saying or doing. Why? Because their energy and intention behind it is different than their outward display. If the two are not aligned, it’s creates disharmony… and it shows. The same goes for what you are saying and doing for yourself. Vibrational matching is key in attracting all of your desires and creating a life full of love, joy and magic.

How can you match your energy?

Be in the present moment. When you are focused on what you’re thinking, saying or doing right now, you have a better chance of aligning your energy with it. For example, if you’re focused solely on the meeting you are in and the material you are presenting, you convey a unified front between yourself and the material, allowing it to feel authentic and true. On the contrary, if you’re thinking about what you’re going to make for dinner while you’re in a meeting, odds are the way you present yourself may seem “off” from what you are saying, leaving others to wonder if you even believe in what you are saying. This goes for things like one on one conversations with others, spending time with friends, and sitting with yourself as well. Whatever you are doing, do it with full energetic presence and a conscious mind.

Create authentically. What you put out in the world is unique to you, and only you, if you are creating from a place of authenticity. Learn to trust that what you have to say matters and you don’t have to mold your creations to society or standards. Don’t let imposter syndrome (doubting your creations/accomplishments and fearing you’ll be exposed as a fraud) keep you from putting your special thing out into the world. When you become vulnerable enough to share your work with the world, you give yourself permission to explore and express yourself in infinitely beautiful ways. Ways that are authentic to you and your soul. Before you know it, you’ll be saying imposter who?! I promise, your best work comes from trusting in yourself. In doing so, you are matching your energy with your actions and creating from your true essence.

Rewrite your daily mantras. Do you take time to notice the things you tell yourself daily? What do they sound like? Are they kind and empowering or harsh and disheartening? One way to match your energy to the life you want to live is by rewriting these statements. Keep a pen and paper where you will be able to jot things down regularly, or use a notes app on your phone. Spend one week being conscious of what you tell yourself and write everything down as it comes. After the week is up, take some time to look over all of your mantras, or statements. You may find that you say certain things, maybe in different ways, more often than others. You may find patterns or trends that indicate how you feel or think about yourself. If you find any negative mantras rewrite them into something that better serves the life you want to live and how you want to feel about yourself. Maybe you realized you tell yourself “I never get what I want.” Now, think about how you can oppose this to better serve you, something like “I always get what is meant for me at the time.” You see how the second statement is more compassionate and meaningful? Spend the next week being conscious of catching yourself in an old mantra and take a moment to state your new one instead. Don’t get discouraged or be judgmental, this practice takes patience and you won’t be able to catch yourself every time. Do what you can and keep adding new mantras to your list when you feel called to. It will get easier to notice and shift the longer you do this practice.

Speak honestly and authentically. This may seem like a no brainer but it can be harder than you think. Society has taught us to sort of blindly go along following what other people say or wear, and doing what’s trendy rather than what we may actually like. Think about your clothes, the car you drive or the place you live in, the stories you believe, how you behave when you hang out with people or the way you talk around other people. Does any of it differ from who you truly are and what you like or believe? One thing we can do to remedy this is speak from the heart – with honesty, authenticity, grace and compassion. It’s up to you to show the world your true self and be an inspiration for others. Speak up for yourself, don’t say something for the sole benefit of others. What we think and say attracts the same into our life. So, if you’re going around thinking or saying other people’s words you won’t be able to attract what YOU want. If it doesn’t align with your energy then don’t say it, do it, or be it!

Take some time to recognize where you are energetically out of alignment with your thoughts, words and actions. Lead by example. You will create more ease, joy and flow in your life by harmonizing these things.

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