A New Chapter

I started this awakening, growth and healing journey a little over a year ago which sounds silly to say because it feels like I’ve been doing this work much longer. Back then my anxiety had been crippling me for about a year and my body was starting to pay the price for it. My asthma was worse that it had been since I was a child, I had a chronic tension headache, digestive issues were flaring to the point where I was diagnosed with an overgrowth of H. pylori gut bacteria, my vision started playing tricks on me, and I always felt tired, foggy and overwhelmed. I have always been able to face adversity and change with perseverance so I figured why not make just one small choice to start changing my life. That choice was meditating, and I committed to practicing every single day.

Everything else flowed from that decision. I immersed myself in courses learning things from astrology and empowerment, to listening to your intuition and soul purpose searching. Basically, anything that grabbed my attention I went for. I have an investigative spirit and a deep love for learning which is why my journey, while very difficult at times, has been so eye opening and humbling. I truly love learning new things that excite me and learning more about my Self on a deeper level. However, while doing all of this inner work I realized that I wasn’t focused as much on my body and how I was treating it. So, I started experimenting with plant-based diets and different kinds of movement to figure out what I liked and what worked. I would stick to new routines for a few weeks but then somehow recommit to bad habits. I knew I wanted to change because I knew how much better I felt, as a whole, when I took care of myself.

This is where I became aware of IIN. It seemed too perfect that so many of my expenders were talking about how they went through the Health Coach Training Program and the kinds of transformation and knowledge it provided them. After going over my budgets and finances I decided to take the leap and go all in. Something inside told me that the holistic healing I have been working towards would be found through the knowledge I would gain in this program, and that I would be even more equipped to help others as a result. So here I sit, barely two weeks into the course and already feeling like this was one of the best decisions of my life so far. I am ready for healing, and I am worthy of healing.

I’ll admit, outside of brief moments of clarity, I’ve felt unsure, confused and lost throughout most of my healing journey and my life. But I never give up. I am committed to doing new things, figuring out what makes me feel good and being authentically myself in the hopes that I can inspire others to do the same. One way I know how to do this is by talking about all of these things. So, I’ve created this new section of my website where I’ll be chronicling my personal thoughts – a space for me to share my experiences with you.

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