Focus on What You CAN Do

What if the time you thought you would have in this current state of the world, to invest in a new endeavor or hobby, was suddenly over and work life resumed as normal? And because you’ve been so focused on worrying about the uncertainty of it all, you never actually started fulfilling those desires you said you wanted to. Would you feel any regret for “wasting” that time worrying instead of doing?

Don’t get me wrong, a sudden disappearance of the virus wouldn’t be a bad thing at all, less people would be sick and more people would have their jobs back. But what I’m getting at is that you may be focusing on worrying rather that focusing your energy on trying something new or indulging your desires. In times of uncertainty, all we can do is focus on what we have, what we can control, and how we react. If we focus on what we don’t have, what we can’t do or what we can’t control it opens up the door for anxiety, stress and eventually a weakened immune system. However, you always have the power to choose your thoughts, words, energy and actions.

Focus on what you CAN do, rather that what you can’t.

Have you said to yourself something to the effect of “I have so much extra time right now, I should start painting” or maybe it’s “I should start meditating and journaling” or even “I should start working towards that business I’ve been wanting to create for the past year” but then you get so focused on worrying over how long this uncertainty will last that you don’t put your energy and effort towards starting that thing? I know times are tough right now, I’m right there with you, but what do you think could happen if we focused on joy, possibilites, and creativity rather than worry, doubt and fear?

Would you birth a new business? Spend time catching up with old friends on video chats or phone calls? Take more walks outside to appreciate nature and its healing capabilities? Write that book you’ve been working on? Read more books? Learn to cook? Honestly, the options are limitless!

Get excited, dream, plan and then do! This is a great time to go inward and find what brings you joy, what lights you up, so you can start creating! What possibilities could open up for you if you focused your energy on creating and doing? The Universe responds to your decisions and actions, so it’s time to take the pen and start writing your next chapter.

What’s one thing you would start right now?

Tell me in the comments below! How are you going to start embracing joy, possibility and creativity frequencies and focus on what you can do, right now, with the time you are given?

Love & Light,

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