Why Thoughts are Our Immune System’s Best Internal Ally

Health and well-being are yours if you choose to believe they are.

One thing I have learned on my personal growth journey so far is that my thoughts, words and energy directly impact my life and how I feel. My anxiety used to cripple me because I couldn’t release all the worrisome thoughts in my head. With everything going on right now in the world, I do catch myself experiencing anxious thoughts but I am more easily able to release them because I realized that my body physically responds to how I am feeling and the emotions I experience based on my thoughts.
Your immune system health is directly related to the way you feel and responds accordingly. If you repeatedly stay in anxious thoughts or stressful conditions (physically and mentally) your body continues to release chemicals and hormones to help you respond to what it believes is a threat. Eventually your immune system will wear down and you’ll be more susceptible to getting sick. While we may not have control over every part of our situation in regards to the virus, we CAN control how we view it and our thoughts around it.
Thoughts Ally
If you choose a thought that feels better and embody that thought, let if fill you up, your body responds physically by relaxing. Your immune system doesn’t see a threat anymore and can resume normal functions. You may be thinking, “Well, Sarahbeth, that’s great and all but how exactly do I do that?”

Affirmations are a great tool to use when anxiety creeps up and can help you shift your thoughts into a more positive space.

Affirmations are simply a phrase or phrases you say out loud or in your mind that allow you to shift your thoughts by focusing on the words you choose. Click here for a post I put together with some affirmations for healing and a brief description on what they are and how to utilize them. Remember, your external world is a reflection of your internal world. This is not to say you may never get sick or go through difficult times, but you have the power to choose the way you view your experiences. This alone, can help you feel less anxious, stressed and more at peace. I know it has for me.

Love and Light,


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