My Story

My name is Sarahbeth. Since July 2019 I have been exploring, expanding and growing in the realms of mindfulness, meditation, soul searching and all things mystical and magical. It wasn’t until September 2019 that things really started shifting for me. So many expanders were constantly being brought into my life and I fully immersed myself in the depths of learning anything that I felt drawn to.
I pulled my natal chart and learned how to read it, as well as the universal knowledge it provided me in figuring out what makes me, me. I started visualization and chanting practices. I attended online workshops discussing topics such as finding your soul purpose, empowerment, learning how to listen to your soul, astrology, abundance and authentic content creation among many others. I learned what tapping is and how it can help unblock our limiting beliefs and release resistance. I began to add more play, movement and fun into my life because the more fun you have the better your life is and the more amazing things you can attract into it. I started learning about narrative, or mindset, shift. I deepened my meditation practice and utilized unguided meditations for receiving messages from my higher self and the Universe. This was where I had a major breakthrough.
I had been struggling to visualize what my soul purpose is, and what my dream life would look like. Many of us have been there, trying to control the message or subconsciously pushing it away when it shows up because it’s not what society tells us is sustainable or practical. After many attempts to do so, one of my expanders told me to act as if I already knew for the next few days. I didn’t give it much attention but felt a sense of ease and power just by releasing my grip on trying so hard to find it. A couple of days later, while in an unguided meditation, it suddenly came to me. A vision detailing what I wanted to do, who I wanted to serve and what my messages would be. Narrative, or mindset, shift is so powerful because our words both internally and externally are powerful. Our words create our world. Like attracts like. Our thoughts, or personal narrative, determine what we see every day in our external world. Out of everything that I had been learning and exploring, these were the basic tenets that truly changed my life. I know that creating a space where I can inspire others to be open to this wisdom and bring it into their lives is part of why I am here during this time. To teach others how to live a conscious life and be open to all of the possibilities this Universe holds. You are the divine creator of your life when you are aligned with your soul and higher self. The only thing holding you back from living your best life is you.
Throughout all of this inner work I realized that I wasn’t focusing on my body, my physical health. I wasn’t treating it with the love and respect it deserves.  So, I started experimenting with plant-based diets and different kinds of movement to figure out what I liked and what worked. I would stick to new routines for a few weeks but then somehow recommit to old habits. I knew I wanted to change because I knew how much better I felt, as a whole, when I took care of every part of my being – mind body and soul. From that point I have expanded what my vision is to one that approaches life holistically, covering the areas of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned about the core concepts of primary food, secondary food, and bio-individuality. Through this program I have cultivated a healing, holistic lifestyle for myself and aim to help you in your own healing journey, as well.
To take it one step further and indulge my investigative spirit and interest in alternative healing modalities, I completed a virtual Reiki certification course in August 2020. Thanks to my master teacher, Hae Lee, I am attuned to Reiki in the first and second degree. As a certified Reiki practitioner I can practice self Reiki as well as offer my services to others that desire energy healing.
Here you’ll find guidance that invites you to open your eyes, mind and heart to a life of infinite possibilities. Resources that help create opportunities for deeper connection and communication with yourself and the world around you so that you can experience healing and growth. It’s time to shift your personal narrative and be the leader of your life. It’s time to step up; to be vulnerable, courageous and expressive. It’s time to say YES to yourself, to your health and to feeling GOOD. Together, let’s make your dreams your reality!
I pray that you find these resources insightful, helpful, inspiring and empowering.
Love & Light,
(and Mack)

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