We are NOT our Emotions

Sometimes it can be easy to slip into the mindset that we are our emotions. We say things like, I’m anxious, I’m angry, or I’m sad, and while these may be valid, an emotion is something we experience. We are not defined by that emotion. Using the previous examples, you are not anxiety/anger/sadness itself, you are experiencing anxiety/anger/sadness. They are a part of your human experience but they are not part of you. If we get too attached to our emotions they can show up in our physical body as chronic pain or issues. For instance, the anxiety I experienced in the past gave me terrible tinnitus, tension headaches and digestive issues. Once we realize that we are experiencing the emotion but the emotion doesn’t control us, we can release it more easily and the physical body can be healed as well. When I finally started to release my grip on the anxiety I was experiencing, the tension headaches went away, my tinnitus became more manageable and my digestive issues softened.

How can I learn to release my emotions?

You may be saying, “this is great and all, Sarahbeth, but HOW, exactly, do I do this?” I’m not going to sit here and tell you this is easy or that in one day you can learn to release emotions. It doesn’t work like that and I want to be honest with you. BUT, if you are consistent in being mindful of the emotions you’re experiencing it becomes easier to release them and replace them with high vibrational emotions like joy and peace. Below are some steps you can take to learn the practice of releasing emotions.

We are not our Emotions Practice

Learning to recognize the emotions you often experience is a game changer. It allows you to see where you can focus your efforts on releasing. Generally, there are people/things that also trigger these emotions. These can be things like a conversation that brings up a topic around past trauma, watching the news, a certain person, specific words or phrases, stress or specific foods and drinks. Once you identify what triggers the emotions you are working to release, it becomes easier to notice when you may need to shift away from a situation, person or habit in order to do so. This can be a tough thing to do without some form of help, so, find people or things that support your efforts in shifting away from triggers and releasing any unwanted emotions. You may find that reading a subscription based news email allows you to stay informed while feeling at peace rather than watching the news, maybe your best friend helps talk you down in situations where anxiety arises, or that your trigger for low self-worth and thought spirals is having a few drinks after dinner so instead you drink fruit infused water. By finding the things that support your efforts, you are also able to identify activities or new habits that allow you to match your energy to more joy and peace. Things like starting a meditation practice, talking to your best friend on the phone once a week, buying fresh fruit to eat and infuse your water with, or taking a walk outside to clear your head. The more you practice releasing emotions utilizing these methods, the easier it gets and the more joy and peace you’ll feel.

The practice of impermanence is your guiding light.

Nothing is permanent, everything is always changing – our bodies, our minds, emotions, the people and things in our lives. We can strive to experience joy and happiness every day of our lives but there are also times of sadness and frustration that find their way in – this is okay. The practice of impermanence is simple; tell yourself “this too shall pass” or “this is only temporary” whatever phrase helps you to realize that you will not be experiencing this emotion or situtation forever.

By practicing impermanence, it helps us transition from one emotional experience to another, like a guiding light, because we know that brighter days are ahead no matter what we are currently experiencing.

You always have the power to choose.

Every single moment you have the power to choose a different vibration or emotion. If you feel stuck in sadness, pause to identify why you are feeling sad, work to release the feeling and then allow space for peace to ensue. It can be hard to instantly shift your vibration but all we can do is keep working at it. We have access to all the vibrations and emotions in the Universe. We can tap into whatever ones we want, whenever we want. So why not choose the ones that bring us joy, happiness and peace?

Realize that every emotion you experience is a part of your journey, a journey of learning and growing. Most people will realize that the tough emotions they experienced in the past have helped to shape them into the person they are today. I know that has been true for me. Take the time to learn the emotions you experience often, your triggers, your ways of releasing emotions and the people/things that support you in this effort, and your ways of matching your energy to that of a higher vibrational emotion.

Love & Light,





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