Rewriting Fear Based Mindsets

Fear controls us, paralyzes us, makes us act irrationally, and keeps us from our own inner power. When the ego senses fear it goes into overdrive creating stories that supposedly keep you safe from whatever it believes the threat is that you are experiencing. But if we can recognize when the ego is creating these stories or letting old ones resurface, we can approach them with love and acceptance. Learning to validate (or invalidate) and work through the old stories to eventually release them, and therefore the fear. This is not an easy practice, but if you keep working at it and lead from a place of love, your ego and therefore fear, stands no chance against your inner power.

Sometimes the stories our ego has told us really did keep us safe at one time; but we all grow and those old fears & stories may not be helping us anymore, so please know that there are no wrong answers to any of the prompts below. The point is to recognize and understand your relationship to your fears so that you can ultimately free yourself from them, in whatever way that looks like for you. It could simply be understanding and accepting a fear that sets you free from it, or it could be going one step further and allowing yourself to release a fear that sets you free. We are all in different phases of our journey so do what works for you in this moment. You always have room to grow and expand when it feels good for you. 

Before you begin, I want you to do a visualization exercise, you can read it over and do it on your own or you can listen to the guided recording below.

Sit with your eyes closed in a quiet place. It could be in your chair, on a cushion or on the floor, whatever works for you. Take some deep breaths and ground yourself in your own energy. Feel how it vibrates throughout your body and sink into its safety. You are safe in your body and mind, you are your home. Take a few more deep breaths. Now, envision a warm golden light radiating down upon you, bathing you gently in love and safety. Feel its warmth on your skin. Maybe you feel a touch of happiness and bring a small smile to your lips. Allow the energy from this light to continue surrounding you while you are writing. Open yourself to receiving messages from your higher self, knowing that whatever comes up is meant to be heard. Take one more deep breath and say:

“I am safe, I am loved and I am ready to be free.” 

1. What are your most common fears?

2. Why do you think they are so prevalent in your life?

3. Do you think they are valid fears or ones that have been fabricated in your mind? dig deep here, there are no wrong answers

4. Are there stories around these fears that your ego is telling you to keep you “safe” from the supposed threat? i.e. your fear may be lack of money and the story could be that your parents never had enough so you think you’ll never have enough, so if you hold tight to your money you’ll be safe and won’t lose what little you have

5. Now that you understand where these fears and stories are coming from, and see them as either truth or fabricated, how do they make you feel?

6. How can you rewrite these stories so that it comes from a place of love and safety instead of fear or lack? this doesn’t necessarily mean safety as in comfort zone

6. What can you do in your daily life to continue this work of rewriting? i.e. journal about what comes up, meditate, learn to recognize in the moment when a fear based story is popping up in your head, etc.

7. What does free from fear based mindsets look like for you? this is to assess where you are on your journey, if you are truly ready to let go of fear thinking or if you are not quite there yet but open to it

Accompanying Affirmation: I am the leader of my life. I can be free of fear based mindsets if I choose to be.

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