Shifting Away From Fear and into Love

Practicing self love can be hard when you are in the beginning stages of your journey to cultivating your inner power because we often don’t treat ourselves with the love and respect we treat others with. Today, I invite you to wrap yourself in the love you give to others and shift away from fear. Read on to understand what fear does and how we can, instead, learn to live our life from a place of love.

Fear controls us, paralyzes us, makes us act irrationally, and keeps us from our own inner power. The ego loves fear, it uses it to isolate us and make us feel helpless. Ego, for those who may be wondering, is essentially the part of us between our conscious and subconscious that reacts to reality and gives us a sense of our personal identity. In different terms, it’s the mediator between our inner self and the outside world. It’s the driving force behind our self-esteem and self-image. When the ego senses fear it goes into overdrive creating stories that supposedly keep you safe from whatever it believes the threat is that you are experiencing. But if we can recognize when the ego is creating these stories or pulling old ones out of a dusty filing cabinet, we can approach them with love and acceptance. Learning to validate (or invalidate) and work through the old stories to eventually release them, and therefore the fear. This is not an easy practice as the ego loves to fight back and will do whatever it has to do to keep you from releasing the fear, but if you keep working at it and lead from a place of love, your ego and therefore fear, stands no chance against your inner power.

“Be still and know that you are loved, have infinite opportunities, and are worthy of both.”

– Sarahbeth

One of the greatest sources of fear is focusing on the past and the future. You may have fears that past experiences will come around again or fears around uncertainty of future experiences. All this is doing is keeping you in a fear loop. Running around a track from one fear to the next, never living in the present moment because you are so focused on what is behind you or ahead of you. If you are in a race, you can’t control those ahead of you or those behind you, the only thing you have control of is yourself and how you react to the situation at hand. In this analogy, you are the present moment. I have learned to live in one moment at a time, letting go of the past and future. For one is already gone and the other has yet to come. This has brought me so much peace because I have let go of a source of so much fear and heaviness. That’s not to say I don’t have moments where I get caught in a fear or worry regarding the past or future, but I have learned to recognize when I am experiencing one of these moments and can more easily bring myself through them to the present. To do this I focus on gratitude and self-love. What do I have right now that I can be grateful for? I utilize them as my anchor and lean into the love I have for myself. Love has a way of showing us that there are infinite possibilities. It’s no wonder people say love can make you feel lost in a moment, it’s a powerful emotion! If you can embody that love and live in the present moment, your inner power radiates through all parts of your life, creating infinite possibilities for you.

Fear causes us to tighten our grip on controlling everything in our lives. It tricks us into believing that if we think we control everything then we will be better prepared to deal with things when they arise. This is teaching us to trust fear and trust that something will arise that we need to deal with, instead of trusting that we are taken care of and if/when something does arise, we are fully equipped to move through it. Observe the rise and fall of life, while releasing the urge to control everything. While we do have control over how we react in each moment, this practice allows you to experience life with an open mind and heart leaving fear in the dust. Embrace uncertainty, take risks and release fear of the unknown. Surrender yourself and loosen your grip on the controls. You will be taken care of no matter what – if you choose to believe you are. This is the power of faith. This is allowing yourself to truly experience life because you aren’t caught in a fear based mindset and feel safe to simply live and love life.

Now that you know a little bit more about what fear does and what leading from a place of love can do for you, it’s time to learn one simple practice that can help you shift into love. Meditation, or even a few moments pause, allows us to find our breath, ground in our own energy, and slip into quiet stillness. In this stillness, away from fear and distractions, is where we find the greatest love of our life, ourself. When we take time out of our day to go inward, we are opening ourselves to infinite amounts of love and possibilities. Love, compassion and acceptance of ourself is the foundation of our journey. We can build this foundation through meditation. When we plant a seed of love it grows bigger and stronger every time we water it. The practice of meditation is that water. Pretty soon you have a beautiful garden that is your foundation for healing and a space that is your true source of inner power. Through your journey to cultivating your inner power there will be fears and shadows that arise so learn to be gentle with them, greet them with compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. Understand that they served a purpose once but that purpose is no longer serving you and it is safe to release them. Tend to your garden daily and I promise your life will be filled with an abundance of love and possibilities.

“Loving yourself is your number one priority. It is your lifeblood. Everything else flows from there.”

– Sarahbeth

If you would like some journal prompts to help you further open your heart then click here. I’ve written them out and included a 2 minute guided visualization for you to do before writing. It has helped me feel into my heart space, let the light from my heart expand to fill me up so that I may lead my life from a place of love.

Accompanying Affirmation: I release fear and receive infinite care, love and guidance.

Love & Light,

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